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12th-13th Feb 2022

About Our Vision

Hack the league envisions the empowering combination of technology and opportunities to generate practical solutions for real-world problems and produce an ever-increasing impact. With the initialization of its first edition, hack the league aims to enable students to put together their potential abilities in ideation, design, and development to build projects which will create an impactful ecosystem of innovators and creators. The primary focus lies in bringing together students, technology, and innovation to develop an impact-driven community to accomplish goals.


Our tracks focus on real world problems and we intend that teams will come up with innovative projects to solve them with the help of technology! Different themes denote different zones of problems and you can create a project to solve any problem in that zone!

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Open Innovation

We don't want our hackers to limit their ideas, so we also have an Open Innovation track where hackers can come up with their own ideas, and make awesome innovative projects irrespective of any theme.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Build a hack that helps communicate the importance of managing bias and make it more diverse and inclusive. With this track, we aim to promote the development and advancement of underrepresented groups.

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Develop solutions to help our society and healthcare sector cope with the drastic impact that the of COVID-19 has had on all our lives and create awareness for mental health well being.

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Environment and Climate Change

Climate change is an ongoing problem with our planet, so we want to encourage hackers to build solutions to tackle this issue and come up with some innovative solutions.

Sessions and Workshops

Various workshops will be organised for you to augment knowledge and training so that you can get intrigued by the enormity of technology and develop innovative projects yourself!

Coming Soon...


Both cash and in-kind prizes will be awarded to the hackathon winners and track winners as well as best performers, competition winners and many more!

INR 20,000

3 CNCF Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Associate Certifications worth $700.
Hack The League SWAG Kit.
Shoutout to our Social Media Platforms

INR 15,000

2 CNCF Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Associate Certifications worth $500.
Hack The League SWAG Kit.
Shoutout to our Social Media Platforms

INR 10,000

1 Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Associate Certification worth $250.
Hack The League SWAG Kit.
Shoutout to our Social Media Platforms

Partner Tracks

Flip the internet

- 6-Week Mentorship from @ Company and take your apps to market.
- Build a great app with an idea that you think can make a difference on the internet and use of the @platform to implement it.



The top 5 teams who'll use Microsoft technologies preferably azure service will be getting a free Microsoft Professional certification voucher worth 165$ to get an MTC for free.


-$100 Prize to winning team
-1-month free access. -Feature in our Blogs & Articles
-SAWO funds 100% of the Playstore / App store subscription fee for the best mobile apps. -SAWO funds 100% of the hosting fee for the best web-apps
-For extra special products -Special opportunity to pitch your hack to VCs and Investors in SAWO’s Pitch day Hack.


Swags for the winning team who use Symbl.ai - Symbl.ai Swags + $100 USD Amazon Gift card. -3000 Minutes/credits worth $150 USD (~200 people) to all the participants that join in the hackathon.

Digital Ocean

- $850 Digital Ocean Cloud credits to the winning team.
- $650 Digital Ocean Cloud credits to the 1st runner-up.
- $500 Digital Ocean Cloud credits to the 1st runner-up *Team should have a Digital Ocean Account

Dasha AI

Dasha is a conversational AI-as-a-service platform that lets you embed realistic voice and text conversational capabilities into your apps or products.
All the members Who will use the Dasha AI product for Voice services in their projects will get $1000 worth of Extended Product access. Dasha AI Swags to the top Projects.

Judges, Mentors and Speakers

Proper evaluation and training play a key role for anyone who wants their talent to be revealed in front of this world! Our hackathon speakers and judges are industry specialists and experts so that you get the best from us and move on towards perfecting your project!

Abir Pal

Former SWE Intern @ Affinidi

Aditya Oberai

DevRel Engineer @ Appwrite

Cherish Santoshi

Head of Community @ SAWO Labs

Haimantika Mitra

CE&S Engineer @ Microsoft

Nandita Gaur

Support Engineer @ Microsoft

Simran Makhija

Summer Analyst @ Goldman Sachs

Vivek Sridhar

Senior Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft

Shubhangi Gupta

Founder @ Raahee

Sponsoring Partners

Community Partners

Team Members

Our team consists of passionate developers who desire to create a change with the power of technology! The team is the soul of this hackathon!

Jatin Pandya

Dheeraj Ghosh

Aditi Gupta

Shreyansh Rai

Ananya Jain

Aabhash Kesharwani

Manjeet Kumar

Aakriti Arun

Harshit Goyal

Riya Sambhwani

Sonali Sharma

Shubhank Srivastava

Yash Bansal

Sreekaran Srinath

Gunjan Paneri

Ankita Saloni